Your Back to School with Flax Guide

Fall is in the air, which can mean one thing: it’s back to school season. We soaked up the sun in lazy pool days and celebrated summer nights with s’mores around the fire. Now it’s time for bright and early mornings, after school sports, and most importantly: some semblance of structure.

Although we love flexing our creative muscles by coming up with activities to keep little ones occupied all summer, we admit we are ready to get back into a more predictable routine. The kiddos are excited to see their friends again and the younger ones are excited to have homework for the first time (we love the ambition). Today we’re sharing our top tips for tackling a new school year. From snacks to hacks, we’re here to help — always with a healthy helping of flaxseed!

Embrace the Structure

Back to school season brings a sense of predictability that is often lost in the summer months. Once you face orientations and teacher meetings, the weekdays will settle into a flow of school days, extracurriculars, homework, and bedtimes. Don’t underestimate the power of a schedule. Routines and schedules, such as a bedtime routine, can aid in development and promote children’s wellbeing. When children know what to expect, they can start to form their own routines and take on responsibilities within their daily activities. 

As a parent, you can aid in this process by modeling your own routines. Not only are you demonstrating responsibility for your child, but you can much more easily ride the wave of your schedule and be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. 

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Fuel with Flaxseed

As your child goes back to school, it’s important to fuel their brains with nutrient dense snacks and lunches. You may already know that flaxseed is packed with fiber, omega-3s, and nutrients to support a healthy immune system. So this year we are adding flaxseed to just about everything we can think of! Here are some ideas to help you add the power of flaxseed to your child’s back to school menu.

two slices of cran orange bread on a wooden tray with the rest of the loaf on a cooling rack behind

Quick and Easy Breakfast

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Lunch/Anytime Snacks

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Simple Weeknight Dinners

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Sweeter Snacks

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Enjoy the Little Moments

Back to school season can feel very chaotic at times. You’re racing around trying to prepare, while also juggling all the rest of the responsibilities in your life. As cliché as it may sound, don’t forget to enjoy the in-between moments. These sweet glimmers of unique joy that can only be found in this specific age or season. Whether this is your child’s first year at school, or you’re bracing yourself because it’s their last — soak in as much as you can. There’s no sense in ruminating on time’s fleeting nature, but we acknowledge it long enough to find deep gratitude for even the smallest of moments. 

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