Diabetes-Friendly Holiday Recipes with Flax

November is National Diabetes Month. Research suggests that flaxseed is a smart addition to a diabetes-friendly diet and may even contribute to improved glycemic control. Researchers don’t yet fully understand the mechanism behind these results. But we do know that it is helpful to include healthy sources of fat, protein, and fiber for a balanced macronutrient profile and blood sugar control. Flaxseed works beautifully for this.

It can be a challenge to navigate food around the holidays, so today we are rounding up some more wholesome (yet still flavorful) recipes, all of which incorporate flax! 

As a reminder, it’s important to always consult your healthcare provider before making any dietary changes. This post and website are not meant to be a substitute for individual nutrition recommendations. 


These breakfast choices feature seasonal flavors like gingerbread and sweet potato. Adding flaxseed to the classics adds fiber, protein, and healthy fats to slow down digestion and helps keep blood sugar spikes at bay.

Flax & Protein Gingerbread Pancakes

Sweet Potato Flax Waffles 

Toast 5 Ways


Swap out refined flour crackers for these Easy Flaxseed Crackers. Pair with your favorite dip (we love this hummus!) and some crunchy vegetables for a nutritious party snack that everyone will love! Starting out the meal with a snack high in fiber and water can also help prevent overeating on heavier options later. 


Bottled salad dressings can be high in sodium and added sugars. Homemade dressings are easier than you think and also allow you to have total control over the ingredients! Try this Healthy Flaxseed Dressing. It’s fresh, herby, and has just a touch of honey to sweeten. 

Side Dishes

Think you have to say no to all of your favorite side dishes this year? Think again. Try out these colorful, lower sugar options that feature milled flaxseed for added nutrition. Keep the portion size moderate and you have a winner!

Roasted Asparagus with Flaxseed Walnut Crumble

Sweet Potato Casserole

Low-Sugar Cranberry Sauce

Two-Hour Buns 


Mushroom Lentil Loaf works as a meatless entreé if you’re looking to cut back on animal protein. This recipe also packs in vegetables, nuts, and seeds for an overall heart-healthy choice.


The final course is often the favorite! Here are two desserts that will satisfy any craving and focus on healthy real-food ingredients like avocado, oats, pumpkin and flax milk. 

Vegan Chocolate Mousse 

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread with Flax 

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to mean skipping all of your favorite holiday classics. Hopefully this list inspires you to try some new variations that you might end up liking even more than the original!


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