Zucchini Flax Bread

Zucchini flax bread has be to THE best way to use up summer zucchini from the garden. This bread is vegan and dairy free and uses flax in place of…

Flour-Free Sweet Potato Pancake

These 2-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancakes by registered dietitian, Amanda Sauceda, are flour-free, full of gut-friendly fiber and include a serving of orange vegetables. Perfect for cool fall mornings! The flax…

Grain-Free Pancake in a Mug

Who says pancakes are only for the weekend? This pancake-in-a-mug recipe by registered dietitian, Melissa Groves, might be your new favorite weekday morning treat. It is made with wholesome ingredients…

Strawberry Rhubarb Flax Muffins

This recipe was created by Leah Swanson, RD and shared with her permission. These strawberry rhubarb flax muffins put a healthy twist on traditional higher-sugar versions. Sweetened only with a…

Flax Toast 5 Ways

A toasted slice of hearty, whole wheat bread is the perfect vehicle for a variety of flax toppings. Whether you like your toast sweet or savory we have a toast…