Springtime Flaxseed Recipes from Nutrition Experts

We recently hosted a recipe contest among our dietitian community.

Registered dietitians are health and nutrition experts so you can be sure the recipes below are healthier choices.

Find ways to use milled flaxseed in everything from sweets to snacks and even the main meal below.


Pancake in a Mug – Melissa Groves, RD

Lemon Overnight Oatmeal – Alicia Kaluza, RD

photo by Alicia Kaluza

2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancake – Amanda Sauceda, RD

Banana Nut Baked Oats – Rachel Mistry, RD

Baking with Flax

Dark Chocolate Espresso Banana Bread – Leanne Ray, MS, RDN

Heart Healthy Banana Bread with Flax & Walnuts – Chelsea Jackle, RD

photo by Chelsea Jackle

Strawberry Rhubarb Flax Muffins – Leah Swanson, RD

how to bake with flaxseed
photo by Leah Swanson

Banana Flax Chocolate Chip Muffins – Amanda O’Brien, RD

Flourless Banana Flax Muffins – Alexandra Fucarino


Frozen Strawberry Snack Bites – Lauren Manaker, RD

Frozen Chocolate Protein Bites – Kyla Kurczewski, RD

photo by Kyla Kurczewski

Nutty Flax Bars – Kellie Blake, RD

Fruit Smoothie – Janel Ziegler, RD


Granola Fruit Pizza – Brittany Poulson, RD

photo by Brittany Poulson

Whole Wheat Vegan Beer Donuts with Blackberry Glaze – Jessi Holden, RD

Peanut Butter Cookies – Jessica Wylychenko, RD

The Main Meal

Flaxseed, Quinoa, & White Bean Burgers with Pesto – Jessica Ivey, RD

photo by Jessica Ivey