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What is Flax Milk?

Have you tried Manitoba Milling Flax Milk? 

Below you will find the answers to all of your questions and find everything you need to know about Flax Milk – what is it? what is the nutrition profile? who should be drinking it?


What is Flax Milk?

Manitoba Milling Co. Flax Milk is a dairy free ‘milk’ beverage that is made using 100% of the flaxseed. We always use the whole flax seed, rather than byproducts like flax oil or flax meal, to provide better quality and nutrition. Because we use the whole flaxseed our Flax Milk has a rich and creamy consistency and provides the same nutrient profile as 1 serving (2 Tbsp) of Smooth Whole Milled Flaxseed.


What Does Flax Milk Taste Like?

Manitoba Milling Flax Milk is creamy and delicious. It has a slightly sweet taste that is so good you can drink it by the glass! Manitoba Milling Flax Milk is a little bit thicker than other milk alternatives, making it a great alternative to whole milk or cream. (Try this healthier eggnog and this lower sugar hot chocolate recipe!) Manitoba Milling Flax Milk is available in unsweetened, chocolate, and vanilla. We recommend using the unsweetened in coffee drinks, smoothies, or cereal. The vanilla tastes great in smoothies and baking recipes. And the chocolate tastes great by the glass or in milkshakes!


What is the Nutrition Content of Flax Milk?

Each serving of Manitoba Milling Co. Flax Milk contains 3310mg of ALA Omega 3, 3g of Fiber, and 3g of Protein – 100% of the nutritional value of flaxseed! Other brands of flax milk contain half the amount of Omega 3s and no fiber or protein. This is because they do not use the whole flaxseed, and instead use flax oil.

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How Does Flax Milk Compare to Cow’s Milk?

Flax Milk contains slightly less protein than cow’s milk with 3 grams per serving, compared to 8 grams in cow’s milk.

However, Manitoba Milling Flax Milk provides 3 grams of fiber per serving while cow’s milk contains 0. Learn more about how much fiber you should be eating here (*hint – most people don’t consume enough!).

Manitoba Milling Flax Milk also contains 6 grams of fat per serving. The fat content in cow’s milk can range from 0-8 grams. The difference is that the fat content in Flax Milk is almost entirely (90%) unsaturated fat, coming from healthy ALA Omega 3s. The fat content in cow’s milk is primarily (60%) saturated fat.


Who Should Drink Flax Milk?

Anyone can drink flax milk – vegans, athletes, kids and toddlers, those with nut or soy allergies, and more!

Flax Milk is a great alternative to dairy milk for those who are vegan or who have a dairy allergy. It is also a good choice for those who have a soy or nut allergy and can’t drink other milk alternatives like soy or almond milk.

Because Manitoba Milling uses the whole flaxseed for optimal quality and nutrition, this milk contains nutritious ALA Omega 3s as well as dietary fiber and protein that are naturally found in flaxseed, making it a healthy choice for just about anyone!


How Do I Use Flax Milk?

You can use flax milk just as you would use cow’s milk. Use it in your coffee and cereal, in your favorite baked goods, or add it to a smoothie. It also works well in soups, casseroles, or mashed potatoes. See some of our favorite flax milk recipes here.


Where Can I Buy Flax Milk?

Take a look at our Find Us page to find our products at a store near you. Tag us in your photos using #manitobaflax and #dailyflax to show us how you use your Flax Milk!

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