5 Ways to Feel Good and Live Better in 2018

1. Add More Whole Foods
Whole foods provide more vitamins and minerals than refined, processed foods. Consuming mostly whole foods, naturally energizes your body and improves your long term health. Try adding a plant food at each meal – fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds (flaxmeal!), or beans – to naturally fuel and energize your body.


2. Cook More Meals at Home
Eating at home more often allows you to save money, spend time with family, and take control of your health. People who eat at home typically consume a more balanced diet, less sugar, and less processed foods than those who eat out frequently. By cooking at home, you know exactly what is in your meals and you can even add superfoods, like flax, for a healthy, nutritional boost. Family dinners also have extensive benefits for kids as they grow up.


3. Eat Intuitively
Eating intuitively rejects the dieting mentality, allowing you respect your body, and honor your hunger, fullness, and health. An intuitive eater doesn’t fear a number on the scale or food groups (like fat or carbohydrates). Thankfully diet culture no longer tells us to fear fat, otherwise we would miss out on all the health benefits of delicious foods like flax, avocados, and salmon! Flax is a nutrient dense whole food, filled with fiber, heart healthy fats, and more. Listen to your body and respect its needs.


4. Avoid the Afternoon Slump with Energizing Foods
You may be familiar with the headache, irritability, and energy crash that can come many days around 2pm. While a lack of sleep or even stress can contribute to this afternoon slump, the foods you eat can be the biggest contributing factor. Eating whole foods throughout the day can keep you focused and energized throughout the afternoon. Protein, healthy fats, and fiber (all found in flax) are digested more slowly, helping to fill you up and provide sustained energy after a meal. Flax is the perfect energizing food because it provides antioxidants (lignans), omega-3s and other healthy fats, protein, and fiber.


5. Eat for Health
Feel good and live better in 2018 by choosing foods for your health. Focus on foods you can have rather than thinking you can’t have certain foods. Choose foods that nourish your body, fuel your energy, or benefit your heart or brain or bone health. Choose whole, healthful foods that taste good and can benefit your health rather than change a number on the scale. Flaxseed has numerous health benefits including helping to lower cholesterol, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and more. Sprinkle flaxmeal on your salad or oatmeal or in your baked goods to give your body an easy nutritional boost.


How are you planning to feel good and live better in 2018? Let us know in the comments!