10 Ways You Can Add Flax to Your Dinner Tonight

When you think of how to use flaxseed, most often breakfast foods come to mind – smoothies, oatmeal, muffins, and pancakes. (Speaking of which, have you tried our muffin and pancake mixes?) But there are many ways you can add flaxseed to your dinners too. Shop our flax products here.

Just 2 Tbsp has the daily recommended amount of Omega-3s. Plus its good for your digestion and heart health too. Read more about the health benefits of flax here and see 10 ways you can add flaxseed to your dinners below.

1. Homemade Salad Dressing or Pesto

Try this Lemon Basil Flax Dressing.


2. Homemade Pizza Dough

Try this recipe or this one too.


3. Veggie Burgers

Our Smooth Milled Flaxseed can be used as a binder for veggie burgers by creating a flax egg (1 Tbsp flax + 3 Tbsp water) or can be added as a dry ingredient to the mixture.

Hawaiian Veggie Burgers

Easy Vegan Black Bean Burgers

See many more recipes in our blog post featuring our summer cookout favorites here.


4. Dinner Rolls or Bread

Focaccia, whole grain, gluten free – the choices are endless.


5. Meatballs, Burgers, or Meatloaf

Flaxseed can be used in place of both breadcrumbs and eggs to your meat mixture.


6. Breaded Chicken or Tofu

Before baking, dip your chicken or tofu pieces in an egg wash and coat in flaxseed for a nice breaded texture (but with mor

e nutrients than breadcrumbs!). Bake until cooked through.


7. Crispy Mac and Cheese and Other Casseroles

Sprinkle flaxseed on top of  your mac and cheese or other casserole dish and bake to give it a crispy texture on top.



8. Creamy Soup or Chili

Flaxseed can be used in place of some of the butter or cream in a creamy soup recipe. It can also help to thicken soups and chilis. Add slowly and adjust texture and thickness to your liking.


9. Homemade Crackers

Homemade crackers are an easy homemade snack. They can also be made gluten free, try these One-Bowl Vegan Gluten Free Crackers.


10. Crispy Roasted Veggies

Try this Roasted Asparagus with Flaxseed Walnut Crumble recipe. Coat your veggies in flaxseed to make them nice and crispy.