Meet Glenn Pizzey, our co-founder, father, and grandfather

Happy Father’s Day!


Glenn Pizzey is a father of 4, grandfather to 8, and a co-founder of Pizzey Ingredients, the parent company of Manitoba Milling Co.

As a fourth-generation grain farmer from Manitoba, Canada, Glenn is a hardworking and smart man. He earned a bachelors degree in Agriculture (Animal Science) from the University of Manitoba and has authored several patents related to flaxseed stability and processing.

Glenn has a special interest in science, history, farming, and spending time with his grandkids. All 8 grandkids say they’ve learned a lot from their Grandpa.

Glenn’s grandsons say that their Grandpa has taught them how to tell the difference between the different crops they grow and what to look for when they check crops. His granddaughters have enjoyed learning how to drive his John Deere Gator and all about flax. They know all about the health benefits and even the heat treatment process, but they especially enjoy all of Glenn’s silly jokes.


Together, Glenn and his wife, Linda (Dunnington) Pizzey founded Pizzey Ingredients. Glenn and Linda have been called the flax pioneers and have set the standards for flaxseed for decades. They’ve now been married for 43 years!

Manitoba Milling Co. is still owned and operated by three generations of the Pizzey family. We value our family as much as yours and we’re proud to provide premium flaxseed to you and your family.


Happy Father’s Day to all!


August 1974, 21 year old Glenn working on the farm. Glenn and Linda were married one month later.