Flax Facts


  • Canada is the world’s leading producer of flax. It has been grown in Canada since 1617, when the country’s first farmer brought the seed to the area then known as “New France”.
  • ALA Omega 3 from Flaxseed is recognized by the FDA as the only essential Omega 3 because it cannot by synthesized in the body, and is necessary for human nutrition.
  • Flaxseed contains the most ALA Omega 3 of any whole-food source as well as protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and lignans which is a plant-based phytoestrogen.  All of these components work together to support heart health, maintain healthy blood pressure, and aid in cholesterol and weight management.
  • One serving size of flaxseed (15 grams) contains 3g of ALA Omega 3, 4g of dietary fiber, and 3g of protein.
  • Flaxseed is naturally gluten free.
  • Recent clinical research trials conducted by Dr. Grant Pierce at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, MB have shown that flaxseed has excellent effects on blood pressure.  For more information regarding Dr. Pierce’s work, check out his article titled Dietary flaxseed independently lowers circulating cholesterol and lowers it beyond the effects of cholesterol-lowering medications alone in patients with peripheral artery disease.