Jane Hasle — Whittier, CA

As a Nutrition Educator, I have long known of the benefits of flaxseeds and have taken them for years. A friend and fellow nutritionist introduced me to Pizzey’s flaxseed and told me it was superior to any she had bought. I tried it at her home, and found it to be superior to any I had ever used.

When I got my first order of Pizzey’s and opened the package, it was completely fresh without a hint of rancidity. Even though there are other products on the market, I have opened new vacuum-sealed packages of flaxseed from other companies and they sometimes have, if only slightly, that smell of rancidity, which if consumed, will be accompanied by the burning feel on the tongue and throat of an oil that is bad. I have purchased many pounds of Pizzey’s flax over the years, and every package is completely free of anything other than a fresh nutty fragrance.

When I mill Pizzey’s and use it in lemon water, a vegetable smoothie, or green tea, it’s thickening consistency is far above that of any other flaxseed I have used. The thickening is one of the main elements I am looking for in terms of the health benefits of flax.

One of the main reasons we take flax is to perform mechanical functions in our digestive system. Ground flax thickens liquid as a result of the gelatinous material of the flax pulling water to it and swelling. Pizzey’s has an extremely high thickening ability. When we drink the liquid with flax and it progresses through the digestive system, it pulls unwanted material from your intestines and colon that might otherwise linger and build up in the nooks and crannies. This make the job of the liver easier as the nutrient rich blood going from the intestines to the liver for filtration is cleaner. Flax also gives the muscles of your digestive system exercise, and makes your digestion more efficient over time. Fiber is good, but flax fiber is superb!

Flax also gives the body omega 3 which plays a part in many vital functions and provides satiety, or a feeling of fullness which contributes to good choices about how much to eat!

I am greatly looking forward to Pizzey’s returning to the retail market, because I have missed it!

Kelley Fitzpatrick — Winnipeg, MB Canada

I have been a consumer of flaxseed for over 20 years. Not only am I an avid user of flaxseed, I have also studied the extensive health benefits of this incredible seed. One of the things that I look for when purchasing flax is high quality and consistency. Flax needs to be processed very carefully in order to preserve its incredible goodness. If it smells like paint – it has been processed poorly and has broken down! Smooth Whole-Milled Flaxseed has never disappointed me in its flavor, smell and overall quality. It is an amazing product and I recommend it as the best milled flaxseed product available on the market today.

“My favorite part is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.”

“I had been looking for a ground flaxseed and this one is great. Very easy for adding to recipes.”

“The fine texture makes it a seamless addition to any smoothie, baked good, or ground meat recipe.”

“The best I’ve tried!”

“It blends well, bakes well, and tastes great!”